Glass constructions as contemporary decisions for space zoning

Using glass in the interior is rather original design decision that is applied for commercial, office buildings and even for private houses or apartments. Glass makes the interior elegant and helps to solve the problem of space zoning. One of the most popular constructions is glass partition.

Those elements easily match all interior styles. They economize space and enlarge the room functionality.

Partitions are offered in various types:

  •         fixed (are intended for a long period of time, may be framed or frameless, equipped frequently with sliding doors, have perfect level of sound elimination);
  •         mobile (are intended for temporal using, have low level of sound elimination but are also elegant and easily uninstalling if necessary).

The main advantages of partitions are the following:

  1.      Renovation with the help of glass construction may be performed without changes to your documents.
  2.      Installation intends no dust or mud.
  3.      Constructions are safe because of covering by special film. Glass is crashworthy or even bullet-proof.
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