Transparent or decorated railings as perfect addition to the interior or exterior

Glass railings are the main trend in contemporary design. They are able to change the interior or exterior completely adding some lightness and airiness. Such constructions are perfectly suitable for night clubs, restaurants, banks, office buildings, for houses and apartments. Railings are really all-purpose.

Glass itself is elegant and stylish material so railings look so gorgeous and contemporary market offers diverse assortment of constructions.

Foremost they differ in design features. The most popular decision is transparent glass railing but they may be decorated by film, special ornaments, etc.

As to the mounting manner there distinguished the following ways:

  •         constructions with newels (are rather firm and durable, look quite elegant; aluminum newels are used the most frequently);
  •         all-glass constructions (interesting design decision that creates impression of ‘flying’ railings.

Such constructions may perform both functional and decorating functions.  While selecting be sure that glass is firm and qualitative.

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