Types of glass dividing constructions and their principal aims

Nowadays glass partitions become one of the most popular and demanded contemporary decisions in the interior. Individual style is both important for business or commercial building and for private houses and apartments.

There offered plenty of various partitions and the choice should be based on their using. Plate glass partition is intended for separating working places or dividing area in houses or apartments. They are made of special impact-protected glass and may be decorated by various colored films and ornaments.

Framed constructions are intended for installing in office and commercial buildings. They are strengthened by aluminum or steel frames and provide high level of sound elimination. They are firm and rather durable. Partitions may be transparent or non-transparent.

Sliding partitions economize space and may be regarded as temporal installation for dividing space.

Such constructions are decorated individually in order to correspond to commercial, office or private house interiors.

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