Using glass for private or office buildings flooring: contemporary and functional decision

When installing flooring in houses, apartments or commercial buildings, such materials as wood, tile or carpeting are rather demanded but nowadays glass is also popular for making designers’ ideas come true. Glass walkable looks modern, elegant and makes the interior unique. Additionally such constructions may be equipped by lighting.

Walkable performs the function of enlarging the space but while installing a lot of peculiarities should be taken into account:

  •         Glass needs to be enough firm (triplex type is recommended).
  •         Glass thickness depends on the size of construction and amount of abutments.

The most recommended way is ordering professionals to select and install walkable in your apartment, house or office building.

The main advantages of glass flooring are the following:

  1.      the highest level of light transmission;
  2.      resistibility;
  3.      ease of handling;
  4.      possibility of installing in any buildings;
  5.      diverse assortment (transparent, filmed, decorated glass, etc.).

Glass constructions for the floor are offered in different types so the choice should be individual.

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